Best Nursery in Cape Town

Who doesn’t love a bit of nature around them? Whether it be a few pot plants on your windowsill or a big garden in the back. Nature is a part of us, and what better way to bring in some greenery into your home than visiting the best plant nursery in Durbanville.

What happens at a plant nursery?

A nursery is a place where different kinds of plants are grown and propagated. Most nurseries supply their plants directly to the public, conservations as well as wholesale.  At a plant nursery, there should be at least one qualified horticulturalist onsite. These qualified gurus are masters at finding better ways to grow and harvest plants efficiently. Ensuring that when you purchase your plant it is healthy, happy and ready for a new home.  At Stanler Farms Nursery it is our responsibility to ensure that we germinate seeds and provide an environment for healthy plants to flourish.

We have a broad range of plants, namely:

Fynbos, indigenous, exotics, grasses, climbers, trees, succulents and indoor plants.

At Stanler Farms Nursery we provide an environment for the plants to fill out and be healthy.  Inevitably most of the plants we raise we want you to take home with you and let them become a part of your life. Spreading the love!

What can you find at a nursery?

Most plant nurseries will offer a variety of plants, soil and decorative art for the garden. At Stanler Farms we have doubled in size in just 2 years.  Offering our clients a truly wonderful selection of plants, pots, timber, soil, compost, organics, decorative stones, garden sculptures and much more!  For those with green fingers or if you are just looking for something to brighten up a space, the options are endless. 

Our range of pots we think is personally outstanding. Plastic, ceramic, terracotta, cement, and stone pots are available in different sizes and shapes.  We also have a lovely selection of wooden planters perfect for veggies and herbs. 

Looking for something a little different to spark up and decorate your garden. We have a beautiful selection of metal decorative bird cages, hangers, garden sculptures and dinky ornaments which you can arrange in your garden.

Restaurant, bar & jungle gyms for the kids

Sit down at the restaurant and bar to enjoy a lovely lunch with a chilled glass of wine or an ice cold brewsky while the kids play.

Our jungle gym area for the children to come and play is safe, closed in and secure – they can’t escape.  Unfortunately, as we do not have anybody on duty to watch the kids for you, it is rather suggested to bring a buddy or partner to watch over them while you have a good stroll around the best nursery in Cape Town if you not up for wining and dining. 

 Where is the best plant nursery?

Situated just on the outskirts of Durbanville, there is Stanler Farms Nursery. A family run business filled with love, plants and many years of experience.  At Stanler Farms Nursery we understand your garden is as unique as you are. We are here to help you make it everything it can be and more.  

Pop in and have a chat with our resident horticulturist and find out how you can take the best care of your plants. We know you will love every moment of strolling through our nursery and will go home with some new additions to your garden family.