seeds or seedlings

Seeds or Seedlings

If you’re thinking about starting a garden, you may be wondering whether to start with seeds or seedlings. Here are some pros and cons to consider:  Seeds Pros: Seeds are usually less expensive than seedlings and can be stored for a longer period of time.  Cons: Seeds take longer to germinate and require more care …

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seedling holder

Gardening Hacks

There are so many gardening hacks out there to make your life easier and enabling your plants to grow better.  In today’s lifestyle, trying to save on time and money is a great benefit to anyone. At Stanler Farms Nursery we share some handy gardening hacks to help things along in your garden without having …

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repot your plant

Repot your Plant

Sometimes your plant that was in a pot for quite some time may start looking a little bit worse for wear.  Below we highlight some of the things to look out for when deciding on repotting.  Check the Roots  When tipping your pot over gently, have a look to see if there are any visible …

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what is perlite

What is Perlite?

Primarily used to aerate soil or compost. Perlite is a life savior to your plants.  Excellent for encompassing a drain free pot, it is also great for propagation.  What is Perlite?  Reminding me of Styrofoam or polystyrene, perlite is white and as light as air.  Perlite is made from volcanic glass, a naturally occurring mineral …

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