Garden Decor in Durbanville

There are so many plant varieties, trees, shrubs and bushes you can have in any type of garden. Depending on the size of your garden, there is also a large variety of garden decor to fill every spot.  Ranging from simple cobblestones to elaborate pots, there is a bit of garden decor in Durbanville for everyone.



Ranging from large feature pots to ornate indoors pots. At Stanler Farms Nursery in Durbanville we have a lovely selection.  Different sizes, designs and materials are used depending on what you wish to plant and what kind of atmosphere you wish to create.  Most pots can be easily decorated as you fit if you wish to add your own spin on them.


Paving and Cobble Stones


Pebbles, cobbles, stone chippings, paving and more. Stones can create a beautiful finish to any area of your garden. Often used to differentiate between areas of your garden, or simply to break things up a bit.   Where possible lay sheeting underneath the stones to prevent weeds and grass from growing between the stones. 

These stones are a popular favourite amongst succulent and cacti lovers too.

Planter Boxes & Timber


All the rage and so useful. Our planter boxes come in different sizes and are perfect for vegetables, herbs and many more.  A wide selection of timber is also available – perfect for you to get stuck in with your DIY knowledge. Poles, Trellis and edging options are here for the picking.


Ornamental Bird Cages & Garden Decor


Looking for something rustic and charming for your garden? An ornamental wired bird cage or metal pot plant holders can really bring your garden to life. Hanging and placing these in different parts of your garden can create a unique look to your garden. Your biggest way to get your garden looking colourful is of course the plants themselves.


At Stanler Farms we have a beautiful, homely feel Nursery filled with love for the garden. Our products have a lovely range for you to wander through.  Garden decor can be anything that tickles your fancy, we are here to help you along.