seedling holder

Gardening Hacks

There are so many gardening hacks out there to make your life easier and enabling your plants to grow better.  In today’s lifestyle, trying to save on time and money is a great benefit to anyone. At Stanler Farms Nursery we share some handy gardening hacks to help things along in your garden without having to spend a fortune.

Mini Greenhouse

Using empty 1L or 2L plastic bottles, you can easily create your own mini greenhouse. All you need to do is:

  • Cut a plastic bottle in half
  • Poke some holes to allow the plant to breathe or leave the lid off
  • Place the plastic bottle over the plant to create the perfect environment.

Perfect for placing directly into beds, or over pots when growing new seedlings.

mini greenhouse

Make Your Own Compostable Seedling Holder

Instead of using plastic seedling trays every time your grow some new plants, rather use empty toilet rolls.

Take some toilet rolls, add your soil and seeds. Water as normal.  When the seedlings are ready to be transported into their new bed or pot. Simply take the newly created seedling tray and pop it directly in the soil.  Overtime the cardboard will disintegrate with the soil. This is a great way to prevent damaging new seedlings that are more prone to breaking when repotting.

seedling holder

Watering Can DIY

Our recycled bottles are a big favourite yet again. Next time before throwing out your plastic bottle, keep one aside, with the lid intact. Poke a few holes in the lid, and you have an instant watering can.  Great for using indoors to ensure you do not overflood your plants. This is a great way to water your plants easily if you don’t have a watering can.

watering can diy

Fishing Line your Climbers

Fishing line is a great way to get your climbers climbing. By simple attaching fishing line along a fence, trellis or fixed structure. You can create a beautiful meander for your climbing plants.  Sweet Peas work wonders with this super idea, as well as a great variety of vegetables like butter beans and tomatoes.

fishing line

Soak up that excess water 

Root rot is a nasty problem that affects so many plants.   When you water plants the water collects at the bottom of the pot.  Do this before you add your soil ad plant your plant. 

Cut up some sponges and put them into the bottom of the pot. Then plant your plant as usual. The sponges will soak up the extra water.  This helps keep the soil moist for longer by acting like a water reserve. 

Grow your seeds in Eggshells 

Just like empty toilet rolls, eggs shells are also a super way to get your seeds growing. Next time you break open an egg, take an extra moment to try and crack it as best you can in half.  With the empty shells you can pop some soil and add your seeds. High in calcium carbonate, egg shells also give your plants extra strength as they grow. 

Save Rain Water 

With water prices continuously escalating, save money by saving rain water.  You don’t have to have a big water tank, a couple of empty buckets will help. Next time it rains pop some empty containers outside and literally catch the rain.  Use the fresh rain water to water the plants next time they need a watering. 

Add Fresh Mulch 

To keep the moisture in your garden beds and pots over summer, use bark mulch.  Apply bark mulch every few months where needed. Not only does it help with retaining water, it also helps to keep weeds at bay.  Mulch offers a host of benefits, and is a cost effective superhero in the garden.