how much water do plants need

How Much Water do Plants Need?

This is always a tricky one and sometimes even though we think we got it right, our plants state otherwise and meet their demise.

How much water a plant needs depends on a variety of things, which is where the learning curve comes in.  On average most garden plants, shrubs and flowers should be receiving about 3cm of water per week.  Although our rain has improved in Cape Town, often relying on the rainwater just is not enough and you may need to get the water sprinkler going.

There are various ways to determine  if your plant is unhappy, but over watering and underwatering are two of the most common irritants.

Inside Plants or Outside Plants

If your plants are inside in pots, outside in pots, or just planted straight into the ground. The water requirements for each will differ. Certain species require more water than others and vice versa. It is worthwhile doing a bit of research on a particular plant to ensure you are giving it the best care possible in its surroundings to ensure its growth and wellbeing. Speaking to a horticulturalist at your local Cape Town nursery will also be a winner.

How much water your plants need will also be much easier to navigate if you have a bit of background info.

Weather Plays a Part

Weather plays a part too. Depending on the season, your plants may require more water in the hotter months, and less in the colder months. A number of succulents for example are dormant during the winter months, and therefore require a lot less water.

Soil Moisture Meter

There is a handy gadget that you can use to test your soil moisture if you are concerned that your ‘instincts and ‘knowledge’ of watering your plants is a losing battle. Available at your local nursery, and most hardware stores, a soil moisture meter can quite literally measure the moisture in soil.  This will assist you in knowing if your plant requires more or less water. It is as easy as sticking a probe from the moisture meter into the soil surrounding the pants.  You need to stick the probes in quite close to the root system, just be careful not to cause damage to your plant.

At Stanler Farms Nursery we have horticulturalists on site who are more than happy to help you with your watering queries.