attract Butterflies to your Garden

How to Attract Butterflies to your Garden

Butterflies are mesmerizing and can keep your stare captivated for a while. With their fluttering wings and beautiful colours, butterfiles are a lovely addition to any garden. Getting them to your garden is another story all together. 

In order to attract butterflies to your garden you need to start with having the right kind of plants that they are attracted to. 

Plants to attract butterflies 

Butterflies get their energy from nectar found in flowers.  They spend their days flying from garden to garden in search of delicious sweet nectar.  Having lots of flowers in your garden that are rich in nectar during the spring and summer months will definitely help to bring this beautiful flying species into your garden. 

Butterflies like flowers and are drawn to bright colours. Just like bees, we need butterflies to pollinate flowers to carry on with the life cycle.  Different butterflies are attracted to different flowers, therefore if you are trying to attract a specific butterfly species to your garden, you need to do your research. 

In general butterflies prefer red, yellow, pink and purple flowers that have short flower tubs.   This makes it easier for them to find and reach the nectar that they are longing for. 

Watering Spot & Nectar offerings 

Just like all species, butterflies need water.  Offering water in a bird bath, ponds or fountains is another great tactic to get butterfiles to your garden.  Nectar feeders can also be laid out in your garden filled with home made nectar. (4 parts water to 1 part sugar – boil and let cool)  

You can hang nectar feeders around your garden, but do remember they also attract other bugs, so don’t place them to close to your window or doors.