Waterwise Plants – Taking It Easy in the Sun

Plants that come from hot countries like Australia and South Africa are able to withstand drought and a lot sunshine. True, not all plants in South Africa can manage in the natural ever changing climate, but most learn to adapt.  Waterwise plants love taking it easy in the sun.

What exactly is waterwise? 

Plants that are waterwise require less watering and still do really well in dry conditions. Having Waterwise plants in your garden or home means that they will still do well even without a lot of water. Sometimes even preferring it. 

Even if these plants are watered regularly they will continue to flourish, however, they can carry on for quite a long time with little to no water and remain content. 

To give plants their best chance of survival it is suggested to add a thick layer of bulk mulch to the top of your soil. This helps to retain water and also improves the visual appearance.   

Plants with narrow spiky foliage like Aloes and Yucca’s retain their moisture well. Fat leaved succulents like Echeveria are another popular choice for creating a waterwise space. 

Succulents are waterwise 

One of the most popular plants to have in your home are succulents.   Succulents have become more and more popular over the years, not only because they thrive well without too much water, but each variety is beautifully unique. 

Popular waterwise succulents include 

  • Echeveria 
  • Vygies 
  • Aloes 
  • Crassula 

With such a huge variety of succulents to choose from, it is important to note that not all can withstand direct sunlight. Too often waterwise plants are placed in an area that is too hot or receives too much direct sunlight. No matter how much water you give it, the leaves will burn and the plant will unfortunately bid farewell. 

Unsure of what plants will work well to create a waterwise garden or potted balcony? At Stanler Farms Nursery we have the help you need and the pots and plants to make sure you achieve your garden vision.