what is perlite

What is Perlite?

Primarily used to aerate soil or compost. Perlite is a life savior to your plants.  Excellent for encompassing a drain free pot, it is also great for propagation. 

What is Perlite? 

Reminding me of Styrofoam or polystyrene, perlite is white and as light as air.  Perlite is made from volcanic glass, a naturally occurring mineral coming directly from nature. The process of making perlite is quite a story. Including heating, cooling, and fast heating it again to create the little perlite balls. 

Uses for Perlite 

Excellent at helping drainage in pots, perlite is a great companion to the soil. Often mixed 1 part perlite to 2 parts soil, mixed in with your soil, it also looks attractive. 

Most plants benefit by having perlite mixed in with their compost or soil.   However, the ones that benefit the most are succulents.  The perlite traps air in the soil, allowing water to drain freely through the soil.  Most plants do not like sitting in water, however, some also need to be kept moist. Perlite helps even out the balance of the soil, creating a perfect soil composition.


Perlite is wonderful for your new cuttings. Perlite can be used on its own or mixed in with the compost. Perlite helps your plants take root as it helps the compost/soil drain effectively, eliminating root rot. 

Light as a feather it is important to work with perlite in an environment that is wind-free, to avoid the perlite going everywhere. 

Perlite is a wonder mineral that is needed for most plants in and around the home. Unsure if your plant will benefit from perlite – chat to our in-house horticulturists at Stanler Farms Nursery for some advice.