best pots for plants

Which Type of Pots are best for Plants?

There are actually a few things to consider when making this decision, as the wrong pot may destroy your plant.  We are going to jump into which type of pots are best for plants. With such a wide variety from plastic to hanging pots, one doesn’t always know what is best. 

Plastic Pots 

Perfect for those of us who forget to water our plants. Plastic pots retain more water than clay pots. Therefore, if you have a plant species that likes moisture or if you are one who is not always on time with your plant watering schedule – these pots will help.   

Plastic pots can be easy to ‘makeover’ to suit the area it is placed. Just because it is plastic, doesn’t mean it can’t be attractive. Most plastic pots come in a wide variety of colours and sizes. If you don’t really like the look of the plastic, but it is affordable and what you are looking for, you can bring it to life.  Using twines, ropes, vinyl, and decals – you can easily transform your plastic pot plant into something more eye-catching.


A firm favourite amongst those with green fingers. Clay or Terracotta pots are porous. This means that the pot has teeny tiny holes throughout, allowing air and water to pass through.   These pots are perfect for succulents and cacti lovers as they dry out a lot faster than plastic pots. 

You can use Terracotta pots both inside and outside, and the different designs are endless. Modernizing terracotta pots is quite the thing, with a bunch of super ideas online.   

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